Une Réflexion Video Art

Freud's Last Session Narrative Feature

And So I Begin. Experimental Short

Benediction Narrative Feature

The World to Come Narrative Feature

Fairy Tale Forest: Flower of the Dawn Animated Musical

Change in the Air Narrative Feature

Call Me By Your Name Narrative Feature

Drawing Home Narrative Feature

Le Pardon Live Action Short

Telling A You Animated Short

Established in 2007, M.Y.R.A. ENTERTAINMENT is an award-winning independent motion picture company in NEW YORK, LONDON and SINGAPORE, dedicated to advancing the understanding among countries and cultures with locally inspired stories free of graphic and verbal violence.  Projects include features, shorts, documentaries and video art.


  • celebrating HUMAN DIVERSITY
  • with a GLOBAL OUTLOOK 

true to our motto:

M.Y.R.A. Initiative

M.Y.R.A. Entertainment funds the M.Y.R.A. INITIATIVE in NEW YORK, a foundation established in 2016. Its work consists of an emergency relief fund for children in crisis, investments in nonviolent film projects and advocating nonviolent cinema.


+++  FREUD'S LAST SESSION in theaters, available to rent & buy  +++  short film AND SO I BEGIN. in film festivals on all continents, garnering 27 accolades to date  +++ video art piece UNE RÉFLEXION completed

Margarethe Baillou (she/her)

Founder & Producer

M.Y.R.A. Entertainment, LLC | M.Y.R.A. Entertainment Europe Ltd | M.Y.R.A. Entertainment Asia Pte Ltd

M.Y.R.A.’s visionary and founder, Margarethe has lived across Europe, in both Americas and Asia which has allowed her to study a wide range of cultures and our awe-inspiring natural world. She delights in film’s ability to win the race against time, while caring deeply about the responsibility of the powerful audio-visual medium toward society. She gravitates toward storytelling that is global in an effort to unite, rich in language, humanistic and inclusive, never portraying graphic violence in service of audiences’ mental health. Founder of M.Y.R.A. Photography and the M.Y.R.A. Initiative, the philanthropic arm of M.Y.R.A. Entertainment.

Nikki Walter (she/her)

Chief Operating Officer

M.Y.R.A. Entertainment, LLC

M.Y.R.A.’s alchemist, Nikki has lived in Germany, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and the United States, informing her passions for innovation, quality and style. She enjoys film’s interdisciplinary approach in combining the arts and science, offering infinite opportunities to reimagine people and spaces, transporting audiences across time while creating communities of shared experiences. She recognizes the audio-visual medium’s potential in contributing to societal wellbeing when combining thoughtful narratives with harmoniously constructed visuals, particularly light and color, as well as buoyant soundscapes.

Jenny Lam (she/her)


M.Y.R.A. Entertainment, LLC

M.Y.R.A.’s source of zen, Jenny has lived in the United States, Japan and Argentina, influencing her concepts of rituals, constructive leisure and slowing down. She loves the entertainment value of film, particularly considerate and deliberate storytelling that presents compelling themes and pays attention to the smallest details. She is looking to the audio-visual medium to influence society by showcasing kindness and instilling hope.

Portraits by Letícia Sayuri


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