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M.Y.R.A. ENTERTAINMENT is an award-winning independent motion picture company in NEW YORK, LONDON and SINGAPORE, dedicated to advancing the understanding among countries and cultures with locally inspired stories free of graphic and verbal violence.  Projects include features, shorts, documentaries and video art.


  • celebrating HUMAN DIVERSITY
  • with a GLOBAL OUTLOOK 

true to our motto:

M.Y.R.A. Initiative

M.Y.R.A. Entertainment funds the M.Y.R.A. INITIATIVE in NEW YORK, a foundation established by Margarethe Baillou. Its work consists of an emergency relief fund for children in crisis, investments in nonviolent film projects and advocating nonviolent cinema.


+++  FREUD'S LAST SESSION in post-production  +++  short film AND SO I BEGIN. in film festivals on all continents, garnering 23 accolades to date  +++

Margarethe Baillou (she/her)

Founder & Producer

M.Y.R.A. Entertainment, LLC | M.Y.R.A. Entertainment Europe Ltd | M.Y.R.A. Entertainment Asia Pte Ltd

M.Y.R.A.’s visionary and owner. Founded the U.S. company in 2007, the U.K. company in 2016 and the Singapore company in 2021. Nomadic story collector and award-winning filmmaker. A German citizen, she has lived in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Founder of the M.Y.R.A. Initiative and M.Y.R.A. Photography. Alumna of the American University of Paris and Columbia University. Mother, anthropologist and space nerd.

Nikki Walter (she/her)

Chief Operating Officer

M.Y.R.A. Entertainment, LLC

M.Y.R.A.’s alchemist with a lifelong passion for art and business. Joined the U.S. company in 2016. Originally from Germany and holder of an additional citizenship to the United States. Has lived in the United Kingdom, France and Italy. Worked two decades for major financial institutions on Wall Street. Alumna of Parsons School of Design and Princeton University. Opera fan and all-weather golfer who only occasionally confuses her outfits.

Jenny Lam (she/her)


M.Y.R.A. Entertainment, LLC

M.Y.R.A.’s in-house zen fountain. Joined the U.S. company in 2017. Has lived in Argentina and Japan. Spent years at a major financial planning firm in New York. Former Tribeca Film Institute Fellow. Alumna of Macaulay Honors College and completed additional studies at Oxford and Harvard Universities. Enthusiastic traveler and passionate foodie, but never forgets to reserve her bike for spin class.


We do no accept unsolicited intellectual property. Please read our SUBMISSION POLICY HERE


New York Office (HQ):

+1. 646. 257. 2057