A semi-animated short film portraying three artists living next door to each other, yet decades apart, at a glance: a painter in the early 1900s, a writer in the 1940s and a modern ballerina. Separated by walls and time, their connections unfold.

Starring SEAN NEWMAN (mysteries at the museum), COLETTE PAHL and DANIEL MARTIN BERKEY (boardwalk empire, american dreams in china, the last visit).

Original music by GABRIEL PROKOFIEV.

Produced in association with Mediamakers USA.

AND SO I BEGIN. premiered on june 22, 2022 at the Sea of Art International Film Festival in stavanger, norway. It has been invited to additional film festivals in the us, canada, the uk, spain, germany, the netherlands, sweden, the czech republic, france, italy, croatia, türkiye, uruguay, chile, singapore, malaysia, japan, south korea, india, australia and south africa, on all continents, garnering 27 accolades to date.