A portrayal of three artists living next door to each other, yet decades apart, at a glance: a painter in the early 1900s, a writer in the 1940s and a modern ballerina. Separated by walls and time, their connections unfold.


Original music by GABRIEL PROKOFIEV.

Produced in association with Mediamakers USA.


AND SO I BEGIN. plays with one of the biggest opponents we all face in life: time. It is an invitation to parallel time travel, to the turn of the 19th century, to the 1940s and the present time all at once.

My inspiration for AND SO I BEGIN. came from one of my favorite american painters, edward hopper. His ability to celebrate stillness, dignify loneliness and color melancholia remains legendary, fittingly defying time.

We tend to think of time as a linear force, moving in but one direction, distancing itself from the past, hurrying toward the future, leaving us all scrambling not to miss the present. But what about time interdependency? It is a well-known fact that the past has inspired later events, but could it be that the present can influence the past as well? We hear and read about thoughts people had in the past, things they did, and we have what they left behind. Could contemporary thoughts and acts have had an echo in the past as well? I would like to think so. Human emotions are constantly mirrored, producing reactions that must have happened in the past, given that they are fundamental, such as self-doubt, curiosity and satisfaction.

The stories of three artists unfold in AND SO I BEGIN., all of them living next door to each other, in the same city - yet at different times. A few steps and a few decades apart. Their emotions’ echoes flying back and forth, they begin to paint a new image of time and sequence. And so we all begin to gain an advantage over one of our biggest opponents in life: time.

Margarethe Baillou, Writer/Director/Producer

Sean Newman

Sean Newman Writer

Sean Newman is an actor and writer. He has worked on "Boardwalk Empire," "Late Night with Seth Myers," "The Chris Gerhard Show" and on music videos for French Montana, Maino, & Jadakiss. He performs with improv/sketch group, Prizes Comedy, in a wide variety of comedy clubs across New York where he also resides.

Collette Pahl

Collette Pahl Ballerina

Colette Pahl is a trained gymnast, dancer, singer and actress. Her work on television includes most notably Cinemax’s New Original Series “Outcast.” Her stage work includes the role of Rosalind in William Shakespeare's As You Like It and featured roles at the Times Square Arts Center. A graduate of The New School, Colette lives in New York.

Dan Berkey

Dan Berkey Painter

Starting out as a mathematician in Minneapolis, Dan Berkey’s primary dream from grade school, it came as something of a surprise to everyone, including himself, when he jettisoned an elite Masters Program in Mathematics, right on the brink of defending his thesis, in 1979 to pursue acting. It was the sanest thing he had done up to that point. Despite the considerable hardships of life in the Biz, he has never regretted it. Dan moved to New York to get professional training at NYU Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Acting Program in 1986 and received his MFA in 1989. From that point he began working full time as a stage actor. He toured domestically and internationally and played many of the nation's prominent regional theatres. In 2007, he began to explore film and TV. Since then he has completed 162 assorted film & TV projects. Dan lives in New York.

Craig Otto

Craig OttoCo-Producer/Director of Photography/Editor

Craig Otto is a director, producer and editor as well as the founder of Mediamakers USA. With over 10 years of experience in the film and television industry, he has directed a long list of TV shows and web series. Film credits include DRAWING HOME and upcoming RUN, which will mark Craig's directorial debut of a feature film. He lives in New York.
Gabriel Prokofiev

Gabriel ProkofievComposer

Composer, DJ and music producer, Gabriel Prokofiev, has emerged as a significant voice in music, integrating his contemporary classical roots and a parallel career as a dance, grime, electro and hip-hop producer.  In addition to DJing in clubs and electronic music festivals, Gabriel has built up a large body of orchestral and chamber works and has composed seven concertos, three featuring turntables, as well as many electronic works, often combining synthesizers and samples with classical instrumentation.  In 2019, his first full-length opera Elizabetta premiered at Regensburg Opera in Germany.  Gabriel is published by Faber Music and Mute Song, and together with his wife and three children he lives in London.
Duncan McInnes

Duncan McInnesKey Artist

Duncan McInnes is a freelance graphic & web designer and photographer. He has designed websites for businesses ranging from scenery shops to medical practices, and also for events as well, such as the U.S. visit of the descendant of the Buddha. Duncan has photographed a wedding, family portraits and musical events. For M.Y.R.A. Entertainment, aside from AND SO I BEGIN., he worked on the key arts for TELLING A YOU, LE PARDON and ONE AFTER. When he is not working on a project or studying for school, he walks around with a camera, ready to capture anything. Originally from New York City, he is currently studying at Binghamton University in upstate New York.