Since our first cave paintings, ca. 40,000 years ago, visual art has been the projector of the human mind.  In the 1890s, we made our images move, adding sound in the 1920s and color in the 1930s. At just over a hundred years old, though arguably 40,000 years in the making, the audiovisual art form has become the most powerful medium influencing the human mind, and film has become one of our greatest passions in the history of mankind. 

Imagine all the stories, questions, fears, accomplishments, hopes and dreams that accumulate in 40,000 years, ready to be projected onto film.  But can human actions be motivated by film as well?  If so, we better make sure that art form is worth imitating. 

Throughout the world, young people’s perspective is very much a product of the audiovisual entertainment they turn to on a daily basis.  The medium routinely portrays violence as an acceptable means of dealing with others with terrible consequences to the perceptions of young people.

The M.Y.R.A. Initiative's goal is to, over time, achieve incremental societal change by using film, the most powerful medium, in a responsible manner.

Our work consists of three areas: an EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND aiding children in crisis, an INVESTMENT FUND supporting nonviolent film projects and, in the future, a TRAVELING FILM FESTIVAL showcasing nonviolent cinema.


We use the powerful medium of film to heal from and prevent violence.  We encourage filmmakers to tell stories without the use of graphic or verbal violence as a form of entertainment.  We bring those stories to marginalized peoples throughout the world.

Founded by Margarethe Baillou in 2016, with Nicola Walter serving as honorary Executive Director and Jenny Lam as honorary Treasurer, the M.Y.R.A. INITIATIVE, inc. is an extension of independent film production companies, M.Y.R.A. ENTERTAINMENT, llc in NEW YORK and M.Y.R.A. ENTERTAINMENT EUROPE ltd in LONDON, producing nonviolent content.  The companies fund the M.Y.R.A. INITIATIVE, inc.





Margarethe Baillou
founder and president

Nicola Walter
executive director

Jenny Lam


the Board of Directors