M.Y.R.A. ENTERTAINMENT is an independent motion picture and television production company in NEW YORK and LONDON, dedicated to advancing the understanding among countries and cultures with entertaining stories free of graphic and verbal violence. Projects include features, shorts, documentaries, video art and television series. 

M.Y.R.A. stands for:

We invite our audiences on journeys around the world and through time, discovering sights, sounds and people whose varieties offer the most powerful inspiration of all, true to our motto "The Camera Knows No Flag." 

We believe the powerful audiovisual medium must be used responsibly. We exclude graphic and verbal violence in an effort to contribute to the wellbeing of society, and children in particular. 

We know magic lies in fostering experienced as well as inexperienced colleagues and in celebrating the equality and diversity of the world around us.

We produce nonviolent features, shorts, documentaries, video art and television series with a global outlook and stories for all generations.

M.Y.R.A. Entertainment is headed by founder/producer Margarethe Baillou, chief operating officer Nikki Walter and treasurer Jenny Lam. The company furthermore funds the M.Y.R.A. INITIATIVE in NEW YORK, a foundation established by Margarethe Baillou with Nikki Walter serving as honorary executive director. Its work consists of an emergency relief fund for children in crisis, investments in nonviolent film projects and the development of a traveling film festival celebrating nonviolent cinema.


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